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Our current crop of representatives has the lowest approval rating in history, and it's well-deserved. A combination of gerrymandered districts, government-controlled media, low citizen participation, and a general erosion of values has produced the most corrupt, insular, and incompetent menagerie that Washington has ever seen. Those are not the folks we want to pour the new foundation for our 21th Century Reconstruction.

The Uniting Amendment will restore integrity to government. Permanently.

  • It requires that all public officials follow all of the laws that they enact against us. No more special waivers or exemptions for politicians and their cronies.
  • Representatives and Senators are limited to three, one-year terms in office. Everyone (including all workers) is limited to a total of ten years of service within government. No more career politicians — our government will be more representative of the people.
  • It limits government officials' income (from all sources) to the median income of the people – before, during, and after they serve. (for a period of two years before they serve and twenty years after they leave office) This will encourage candidates who have the best interests of our country at heart rather than their own self-enrichment.
  • It requires any member of Congress who has a conflict of interest or who has accepted any donation or benefit, to recuse herself from voting on any legislation effecting any donor. This will eliminate the legalized bribery (lobbying) we have now.

These provisions along with those that establish equity for all, will help to restore integrity to our government and society.
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