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Page Created: 2013-12-9
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The Uniting Amendment is the crowdsourced amendment to the Constitution written by the citizens of the United States. The document establishes a stable foundation to help rebuild our country.

Washington isn't up to the task so we're doing it ourselves. We're drafting an amendment that will reform our government to be more fair, more free, and have the integrity and compassion needed to move forward. With input from just a few thousand people, we've already developed many fresh, innovative ideas that solve long-entrenched, difficult problems. The current draft of the amendment:

  • Establishes a simple tax system with a low rate and no exemptions that provides more than enough revenue
  • Ends poverty and hunger, and provides healthcare for those in need with a simple, single fund – at less cost than what we pay now
  • Eliminates arbitrary regulation so people can exercise the liberty to pursue their chosen trade or profession
  • Keeps guns out of the hands of violent criminals
  • Preserves the Second Amendment with the right to carry, use, transport, transfer, buy or sell guns or other weapons
  • Protects the environment
  • Recognizes the right to privacy and ends illegal government intrusions
  • Provides a strong defense for our country and prevents politicians from waging war for profit or personal gain
  • Prevents discrimination based on sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race or other genetic attributes, or any other condition not under one's control
  • Protects threatened and endangered species
  • Establishes term limits for members of Congress
  • Ensures that all of our veterans' needs are met
  • Solves the immigration issue: those who wish to move here and become citizens are elected by the people
  • Protects the right to learn and teach so curiosity and discovery will no longer be limited by political motives
  • Provides a jury of citizens as a check on Supreme Court actions to protect our rights and freedom
  • Protects the right to control your own body – we can eat, drink or wear what we want if doesn't harm anyone else
  • Defines a set of responsibilities and duties for all people
  • Protects the right of religious expression and prayer
  • Mandates fiscal responsibility and other limits on congressional power
  • Mitigates corruption in government and encourages honest citizens to participate
  • And much more...

It does all this while increasing our liberty and ensuring fairness in society. But the document is far from complete.

If you care about the future of our country, don't just sit there – join us. Contribute your ideas on how we can make the country better, freer, and more fair.


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