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The United Amendment strengthens the Second Amendment and clarifies our right to bear arms.

An excerpt from Section 13 of the Amendment:

"The right of self-defense shall not be infringed; the right of the people to lawfully possess, use, transport, transfer, sell, buy, or otherwise own or control any weapon or defensive device for the purpose of the defense of her life, liberty, family, community and property from criminals, aggressors, usurpers or tyrants shall not be abridged, infringed, licensed, or regulated."

It also eliminates any requirement for background checks. Criminals who have been convicted with due process of violent crimes have their crimes listed in a census list so those who wish to sell a weapon can look for themselves to see if the person they are dealing with is a responsible person. No background checks or any other process is required and nobody else needs to know about the sale -- because privacy is another right of self-defense that must be preserved.

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