Responsibilities and duties

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The Uniting Amendment declares some basic duties and responsibilities for all people.

It says:

All persons have certain duties and responsibilities, although no person may be compelled or conscripted to service or to perform any act without consent. People have the duty to:

-Know their rights;

-Protect their rights, and the rights of others;

-Provide for themselves and their children to the best of their ability;

-Care for those who cannot care for themselves;

-Continually educate themselves and others to the fullest extent;

-Heed the teachings of their Religions or spiritual beliefs;

-Participate in the governance of their communities and nation;

-Keep promises;

-Abide by legitimate laws and assist enforcement;

-Tell the truth in matters of consequence.

No law may prohibit the free exercise of these duties, consistent with the provisions of this Constitution.

An adult of sound mind acting without coercion, duress, or misinformation, is responsible for her own acts.

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